I am Dina Dagan, proprietor of the Biankini rest resort at the Dead Sea.

Born and raised in Israel, I am inspired by the life and dedication of General Angelo Levi Biankini, and see fit to follow in his footsteps. I wish to emulate his courage in devoting his life to redeem our Land of two millennium of devastation and abandonment, and restore it to its former beauty and glory.

My vision to build and to see the desert bloom again is coming to fruition here on the northern edge of the Dead Sea, where I have built a resort complex in a garden setting.

My path began in 1955, in the center of Jerusalem, when I opened a restaurant bar for young adults. At that time, Israel suffered from frequent and devastating suicide bombings destroying the lives of countless families in Israel, Arab and Jew alike.

In May 2001, a large bomb was smuggled into my bar, which that evening held about 200 young people. A mother lionness instinct helped me overcome my horror – I searched and found where the bomb had been hidden, grabbed it and safely removed it from the building, where it blew up in the street, without harm to anyone. The lives of those young people, and the joy of life of their families stands to the merit of this moment of insight and courage.

I realized that I needed peace.  A new path. I closed my business in Jerusalem. I sought a place of solace, peace, and beauty. I found it on a barren hill overlooking the Dead Sea. There I built up the Biankini resort, a place for my guests to rest, to restore their joy of life and strength, and to leave behind the stress of our modern life for a short while.

My dream is to help the generations ahead to make this world a better, safer place. We’re a small nation, but  we have a big heart. I open my heart and this unique place to people of all nations and religions, with the hope of building mutual respect, future cooperation, and peaceful co-existence.  With vision and love, I have built a small paradise, on what was until recently just gritty sand and wasteland, and continue to create beauty and function out of nothing.

Nature creates golden sunrises, ivory desert mountains and a sea of turquoise.  Biankini.  Thank you for staying with us.